Sometimes You Drink Yourself Sober

Sometimes you drink yourself sober

Facing the morning sun

Sometimes you could not be surer

The whiskey definitely won

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

Boozing and Tweeting

Beer and tweeting on Sunday
Tossing ideas out at the stars
Should be productive in someway
But I love the sound and smell of bars

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

Your Words Are Not Inconsequential

Your words are not inconsequential
Together they are substantial
On the timeline viewed in the sequential
Desire for change rains torrential

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

Chaos Is The Unknown’s Bliss

I know the truth of none of this
Most facts are clearly missing
Chaos is the unknown’s bliss
Choices = a possibilities dismissing

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

The Word Human

Language gave me the word humans

To speak of what we are

The map showed me foreign lands

To show me the near and the far

You showed me the corners of my heart

Where the secrets of me do dwell

Guiding your hands with my eyes closed

And my heart and cock did swell

Human is not just a word

But an idea in the wind

That was quietly born

In our redemption and sin

I’ll stand and face you in the flesh

We’ll find our map through the words

We’ll find the way we know best

To make our passion and fear be heard

By the things we don’t understand

That which we can’t articulate

So my sweet love take my hand

And we will face all the cosmos love or hate

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

#140 Characters

140 characters to sum up the day

140 characters to find a new way

140 characters for what I gotta say

140 characters timeline’s slipping away

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

The Random Provides Information

The random provides information

The information provides facts

The facts provide observations

Of how the random reacts

Gene G.McLaughlin 2013

The Hive

Does the hive make choices better?

Did I ever really make a choice?

As I type this letter by letter

Is this really my own voice?

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

22 Years

When my father was my age

He had 22 more years left

He looked at the future

As an endless array of choices

Without death as an option

It was though

For good or bad

It always is

It is the boundary of

One’s vessel

Not it’s ripples

Across the inward ocean

It is hard me to view all of this

As an infinite journey as he did

Knowing what I know

Yet I will fight to view it so

The shrug off the knowledge of

Where the path to the ocean

Meets the water

Making 22 years into

A transinfinite journey

There is an eternity between moments

Endless ripples between the ripples

The ocean is never still

Even when there is no motion

Looking out from the shore

At the path’s end

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

A Spring Zen Prayer

Permit me to let go the things I am not

The things that are denied me

The things that are not to be

The things that cause me anger

The things that I cannot control

The things that are of me, but haunt me

The things that are of not of me, but haunt me

The things that the world imposed upon me

The things that I imposed upon myself

Permit me to know the things that are hidden

The things that become lost to me repeatedly

The things I must learn time and time again

The things I know are true, but cannot accept

The things that are of all things and not just me

The things that are of me and unmoving and real

The things that are not the narrative of it, but the pulse of it

The things that are silent and neither want nor give

The things a rock knows when the hammer falls upon it

I am the wind

Never allowed to settle or still

I am the ocean

Many things that look to be one from a distance

I am the sand

Both shifting and stable at once

I am the fire

Grown from spark to inferno to cinder all in a day

Let me begin each day and try to hear the silent sound

Let me begin each day and try to see the color of air

Let me begin each day and try to feel the back of my mind

Let me begin each day and try to smell the heat of the rising sun

Let me begin each day and try to feel the love I know pulses through the world,

but is sometimes lost to me.

If I cannot, let me accept my struggle and failure

Living not wanting to be that which I am am not

And rising tomorrow to try again to see

I am not it, but of it

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013