Bet on work and failure

As a path to growth

Bet it’s a bet

That won’t appeal to most

Own your sins

Grow from them

Acknowledge your failings

As much as wins

Become a better man

In the public eye

Be known as one

The day you die.

Gene G. McLaughlin 2020

Flicker and Shine

The spark
A Dose
Of Art
As love
Tears you

Gene G. McLaughlin 2020

Beware They That

Beware they that ask

For your love and rage at the same time

Love is one part of your story

Rage is one part of your story

They are roads to different destinations

That you will take at different times

They that ask you to combine them

Do so for their own means

They wish to become the story you tell

To simplify you

They that ask this do not mean you well

They have no wishes for you at all

They dream a dream for them

Cherish your love

Safeguard your rage

They are yours and yours alone

Gene G. McLaughlin 2020