I Went Looking For My Form

I went looking for my form

My individual aspect

Didn’t find it on Facebook

Despite my best intentions

Wasn’t on Twitter

Checked my DM’s and mentions

Wasn’t in the digital ether

In the mist of one and two

Then I dug a little deeper

Almost all the way through

I found it dwindling and neglected

Dusty and asleep

To my overwhelming shock

It was made of meat

Sinew and bone

Blood making my heart beat

It was not of the virtual alone

The narrative had over taken me

The glowing luminous binary song

But the longing did awaken me

Seeking appeasement of the wrong

Shaking the dust from me

I did slowly arise

Taking an account of me

I slowly opened my eyes

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

The Absence of Nostalgia

Right thoughts

Right words

Right actions

The absence of nostalgia

Is the beginning of today

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015