Black Dog Blue

Black dog blue
I am tired
You son of sickness
Why you hound me so
Noonday demon
I am faded
You priest of bleakness
How within me you do grow
Darkness visible
I see you clearly
Please stop asking
That which you already know
Sunlight blazing
I feel your blessing burning
I pray you help me
This interloper must go
Gene G. McLaughlin 2017

I and Thou

Want is the shackle of meaning

Disassociation the denier of art

Awareness the being of feeling

Acknowledgement of I as a relational part

Air and ether and cosmos

The other and fires and sprawl

God is ever present within us

The sum and total of all

Gene G. McLaughlin 2017

Inspired by Gord Downie’s final record Introduce Yourself

The Burning Covenant

Do you fear it?

What breathes beyond this world’s veil

Do you think of it?

Or are thoughts of it beyond the pale?

Do you have love for it?

The actions and movements of your life

Are you at peace with it?

Or does considering it cause you strife

Will you pray for me?

In those moments when you do

Will I reciprocate?

This I wish to do for you

If the bullets fly

Will you hold my hand?

If the rains wash us away

Can we drag each other to land?

Will you remember my name?

When you slowly come awake

You say you wish to start anew?

I give you my name and heart to take

Let us come to new terms

Define ourselves in different ways

Let us make a new covenant

And set the long broken one ablaze

Gene G. McLaughlin 2017

The Sprawl

When God looked outside himself

He did not see love hate

Water fire sulfur salt

He saw possibility

In all its infinite glory

Gene G. McLaughlin 2017

Fluctus Virtus Defluxit

Rome had elements
We now call by different names
We judge them harshly
Assigning their actions blame
Are the sounds of Nero’s fiddle
And strikes of the golf ball the same?
Gene G. McLaughlin 2017