Bucket List

What I am doing is enough for me
Because it has to be enough for me
Has to have been enough for me
Without a list made out for me
Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

You Might Find Yourself a Fraud

Perhaps you might feel yourself a fraud

On occasion this might be true

Know all human’s are flawed

That is not the sum of you

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

Winter Feels Like Scorn

Winter feels like scorn

Spring a distant legend

By the fire I shall warm

Until brighter suns do beckon

If none come

It’s the end I reckon

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

Shopping at the Goodwill

At the Goodwill among the used and worn

Buying a footrest made before I was born

It will be my treasure despite others scorn

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015


With cognition comes sadness

Sorrows we must all face


Interspersed among the losses

Are moments of overwhelming grace

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015