Gatsby Develops Android Apps

Gatsby develops Android apps

In the modern day

Daisy has a reality show

That’s a career in a way

Tom is the son of patent lawyer

Who went to Duke to play lacrosse

Nick is still choking on whiskey and words

As his body pays the cost

The world still glitters in the distance

The LED screen cuts down on the glare

It all seems so charmed

Until you finally make your way there

Nostalgia fills the empty

Where music fills the night

I’d say I saw them dancing

But the word fleeing seems more right

Gene G. McLaughlin 2022

A Bee In A Flower

Do not abide

A lack of grace

In the world

Find it

In small things

Grand plans fade

Crumble to dust

A bee in a flower

Can sustain

Gene G. McLaughlin 2022

A Priori Me

Staring at machinescapes
Fractal music in my head
The inflammation of my spine
Confirms for me I am not dead
A priori me
In the wind, dust, and shadows
A posteriori me
Weighing and measuring my battles
Knowing what I know
Without knowing the reason
The eerie absent answers
Feel like my mind committing treason
I accept the betrayal
My cognizance shoulders on
Knowing some framework exists
Both before and after I am gone

Gene G. McLaughlin 2022

Today Was Like Dust

Today was like dust

Floating away from me

The reason I saw it at all

Is because it danced

In rays of morning sun

Promising a confidence

If I didn’t look away

I barely moved my eyes

Still, the secret was withheld

Promised in due time

Dwelling in a future moment

Gene G. McLaughlin 2022

The Dreaming Soil

The wolf sees the man as meat

A means to hunger’s end

The x-ray sees the man as bone

What he is, but does not comprehend

The fly sees the man as stone

Ancient beyond the fly’s years

The worm waits for the man to be soil

Oblivious to any and all of his fears

The soil is a measure of time

Under the gaze of a blazing unforgiving sun

The worms live in the layers of history

Where everything silently dreams as one

Gene G. McLaughlin 2022

The Art of the Spider

The Art of the Spider

The art of the spider is patience
Its venom is held in reserve
For when the web breaks unbidden
Or if the prey works up the nerve
To resist that which nature intended
To swerve from the course of its fate
The spider’s unseen strength
Is the will to sit and silently wait

Gene G. McLaughlin 2022

Lonely Skee-Ball Lane

Lonely Skee-Ball Lane

In an empty arcade, exists activity

None arising from life

Sounds of machines humming and beeping

Existences clear and free of strife

Bells ring to alert no one of nothing

Digital voices entice the absent to play

They can’t distract their intended targets

To attempt to chase their worries away

Oh the pop-a-shot lights

Are ever oh so bright

Offering buttons to press

Promising prizes and tickets to win

As the cabinets bathe in fluoresce

Waiting for the day’s simulations to begin

Gene G. McLaughlin 2022

Existential by Design

We didn’t know each moment we were living and dying

Or what aspects of each the passing days contained

Our audible reflexive sighing

Our distant nameless pain

Darting between joyous moments of whimsy

And some cold and gnawing dread

Cognitive dissonance dancing

In the grey mass floating in our heads

Memories strung together as moments

Unique in their singularity and scope

The sum of our combined expectations

Equaling our constantly cycling cynicism then hope

Gene G. McLaughlin 2021

The Choir

When I heard the echoes of the choir
I wondered whom they sung to
Was it a present loving god
Or fading ideals they still clung to
Did they sing endless songs to joy
Choral anthems of light, rebirth and flowers
Were their voices raised to dogma
Honoring and preserving structures of power
Were they all just howling
Like the night’s wolves seeking grace
Were they drowning out their thoughts
Of the things they would rather never face
Or maybe the voices of the choir
Include the sum of these things
Voices of dreams hopes and desires
Blended as the choir sings

Gene G. McLaughlin 2021

Thoughts on ‘Way Down In The Rust Bucket (Live)’ Neil Young and Crazy Horse

There are phases to being a Neil Young fan. There are the giant songs you first hear. Helpless, Ohio, Old Man or Heart of Gold. These you could have heard of classic rock radio anytime during the last 40 years. That might draw you into CSNY or Harvest or After the Gold Rush beautiful folksy music that sounds as great today as it did when it sold millions of copies. That might lead you to the rest of the 70’s where he is trying to find meaning through his music, trying to account for a world filled with addiction, Vietnam, lost friends, and what fame at a certain level really is. These records are beautiful and an artistic peak, but also bleak and permeated with sadness. This brings you to the 1980’s where he experiments with different sounds and ideas. A mishmash of many things come to the forefront. Again he is a man attempting to find meaning in a world gone mad. Watch the movie he wrote, directed and starred in 1982 ‘Human Highway’ if you want to see a man trying to figure things out in real time. That brings me to his newly released live record from 1990 Way Down In The Rust Bucket recorded before the Ragged Glory tour as a warm up in Santa Clara. The record itself is a loose meandering affair consisting of songs mainly from the same time period. It isn’t what you would call a tight performance, but it sounds great in the disjointed way that only Crazy Horse can. In 1990 Neil Young and Crazy Horse had something that was often missing in the past. Joy. The performance isn’t confrontational or elegy. It is joyous. Sure there are songs of a darker tone like Cortez the Killer, but the man and the band sound like they have come out of the dark. I suppose that is why it is my favorite Neil Young period. I am grateful to have this live recording from it.

Gene G. McLaughlin 2021