Four Horsemen

Synchronized in your ceremony

Bloodless in your coup

Total in your autonomy

Omniscient in your view

Fear of your hegemony

We all bow to you

Creation of disaffection

Idealess domain

Follow in tight formation

Maximize avoidance of pain

Medicate all emotions

So you can’t even fear

No extraneous commotions

Conceal all you hold dear

Jagged in your eloquence

Mindless in your goals

Joy is only coincidence

As cold machinations unfold

End are you near?

Are you on your way?

Four horsemen are you saddling

To ride at break of day

Gene G. McLaughlin 2004

Street Level Gallup

Sing me your song of addiction

Sing me your song of disease

Croon me your tune of affliction

My ears take it all in with ease

I have never known anything other

I have never tasted anything true

Gates to salvation couldn’t be further

Soul broken all the way through

Speak to me on why to vote in elections

Speak to me why to not steal

Politicians are walking speaking infections

Who call theft the ‘art of the deal’

Life is hard enough day to day already

Life hurts to the bone aching core

Here your rhetoric often turns deadly

Bother my neighborhood no more

Gene G. McLaughlin 2004