An Ancient Ruthless Language

I do not want to be bitter in the end

DNA is an ancient ruthless language

That which is encoded to be aware

Is encoded to decay

Awareness an advantage

An evolution

Sometimes a difficulty

As the world spins

Bitterness would indicate regret

Which is purchased

And is sustained

By the illusion

That self-determination guided us

Yet the options we have

Are small, but meaningful

Such as the choice of bitterness

About the fate we are dealt


Acceptance of that which blocks our path

And shall never move

To find meaning in stillness

To find peace the inevitable

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

I Stepped On A Rusty Nail

I was fevered

Leg was swollen up to my knee

Black spots on my toes

I took drugs

I healed

I got more days

Lost no toes

I am grateful

The sun looks brighter

People seem more delicate

Their stories seem more important

I was sitting waiting to see the doctor

My fever raged

A mother ran in

Said my child is going into surgery

Said I need to see him

Because it might be the last time

I cried for her

I cried for me

I cried for the size of it all

Then I understood

What I didn’t before

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013


In the bright crisp sun of morning

The rabbit eats the green leaf

He is anxious and alert

But has no name for the state

He is in

The raptor watches the rabbit

Dreaming of pursuit of his prey

He hungers and launches

In the shining shimmer of the open air

But has no name of the state

He is in

I watch both

And rejoice and mourn I have so many

Names for the state of things

Gene McLaughlin 2012