The Kindness Engine

Kindness is the creation of clarity

Life is never empty of pain

Value empathy not insularity

The path to balance writ plain

Gene G. McLaughlin 2014

The Equanimity of Waterfalls

Spring Waterfall

The waterfall knows no equanimity

In early spring it rages

From the remnants of melting snow

In fall it is bone dry


From the heat of the scorching summer

In winter it is still

The water cold and iced upon its rocks

The effort is

Throughout the seasons

To keep the waterfall in your mind

From early summer

When it is steady



The water will escape its state

It always does

As will you

The effort is holding

Equanimity in your mind

When late spring is gone

And the water is a storm

Or drought

Gene G. McLaughlin 2014



Inspirational Internet Videos

Sometimes I hope for validation

A small token to keep me afloat

Sometimes validation doesn’t come

It then matters less than it did a moment before

Because it has to


There is an urgency to life

So little time in all

There are always the inspirational videos

That tell me to live fully all time

That fill me with guilt

For not being a star in the sky

Shining brightly

I’ll be grateful for the moments

I have strength to live life fully

Avoiding people and things

That tell me that the quiet slow moments

Have no worth

I need no one on a wall poster or internet video

To tell me life is short

I am cognizant and know this fact already


In kindergarten

They do not teach you

How to live in quiet desperate moments

That are plentiful

Where you are alone

Dealing with yourself

Your failures and inactions

You learn how to negotiate

All of it for a while


When you are not distracted

The reality of it all sinks in

Some good and bad

In one package

The fact that we are resilient

Is not clear to us

Until we are

So much of life is waiting rooms

Sitting in the car alone on the highway

The glare of cubicle lights for eight hours

Folding laundry and ironing

Filling the dishwasher

Raking leaves

That is alright

I give you my token of appreciation

For the mundane things


For the things they don’t make internet videos about

The quiet filler

Of which your life is built

Where you can find truth, balance, and health

As easy as anywhere else

I absolve you of the guilt

That your existence is not elevated all the time

By the spectacular

Carry on

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

I’m A Lot Like

I’m a lot like my father

Who lies quiet in the grave

I’m much like my mother

Yet not quite as brave

I’m a lot like the wind

Struggling with direction

I’m much like the water

Mirroring my introspection

I’m a lot like my sister

Struggling with myself

I’m much like my lover

When she takes me someplace else

I’m a lot like the rose

Beautiful and thorned

I’m much like a weed

When I feel lost and scorned

I’m a lot like nothing

When it all feels disconnected

I’m much like everything

When each morning I’m resurrected

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013