Black Friday 2019

The world is on sale

and also on fire

30 percent off all you desire

gifts under the tree

are the world’s pyre

-Gene G. McLaughlin 2019

Every Wart, Every Scar

Grew up feeling

The need to be redeemed

Spent years trying

Or so it seemed

To make it something

Of worth I deemed

For others judging

To hold me esteemed

After years of failing

The attempts I tried

Took to fleeing

To the shadows on the side

One day

The haze just broke

The illusion

Went up in smoke

We are redeemed

From the start

We let constructs

Tear us apart

You were born

Healthy and whole

So you stay

From young to old

Do not exist

To only achieve

Always resist

If they deceive

With tales of why

This is not enough

Or that you need

Garages full of stuff

All that you need

You already are

Every wart

Every scar

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013