News Cycle

Coat news with narratives

Call the stories facts

Get the data in

See how the masses react

Trim the tale to fit needs

Until the lie is intact

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

Highways and Byways

Domain of the tollgate not password

Modern struggle now internalized

Pistons and smoke were once preferred

Terrains of the world once externalized

Progress now deterred?

Not as things once existed

Design of things have altered

Highways of data and gas twisted

Course to destruction faltered?

Why has this foreboding persisted?

Gene G. McLaughlin 2004

The Random Provides Information

The random provides information

The information provides facts

The facts provide observations

Of how the random reacts

Gene G.McLaughlin 2013

The Tech Will Not Be Denied

The tech will not be denied

It keeps its own pace and company

You can hear it in the past

The sound von Neumann heard

In the back of his mind

The hum Turing felt

At the base of his spine

The spark the chimp saw

Pounding walnuts between stones

The ones and twos of it

The spiderwebs of it

We stride next to it

Because we are of it

We tell stories

To mask the data

Narratives to help

Ease through our days

Those who face the light of it

Move us forward

To something different

That is still yet us

The tech will not be denied

It moves without consent because it is us

We are its company and its raison d’etre

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013