Wallace Stevens Hartford Old Time Blogger

Wallace Stevens would you blog?

A webpage for your thoughts and log?

Behind your wooden insurance desk

Pursuing online dreams like all the rest

Stolid gray-flannel business man

Except with your electronic pen

Would your success be imminent?

Even in the digital age?

Would industry be hell bent?

To keep your voice safely caged

Words were shaped from chaos

From Hartford insurance towers

Corporate cog among lawyers and clerks

Archeologist of truth among bottom lines

We carry on your lyrical good works

From our cubicles in these dark times

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015


The depth of my dreams are purple

There I am slumbers disciple

Shards of knowledge deeply burned

The color of imperial authority

Desired images innately yearned

Fragments fight for supremacy

The court of reality stands adjourned

When faced imagination’s temerity

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

Family Polaroid Pictures

Family Polaroid pictures

From the late 1970’s

Always seem to be imbued

With a sadness

Of all the plans

That didn’t come true

In the years before

But seemed possible

For a time

Dreams are never lost completely

Just frozen in chemicals

In a small white framed square

Gene G. McLaughlin 2014

She Who Is The Speaker Of Her Dreams

Speaker of Dreams

Dreams can die together

They are viral

Every intertwined

Dreams can grow forever

They are vital

Slow to unwind

She who is the speaker of her dreams

Should not be scorned

Embolden this world do not lessen

You have been warned

The dreams which you dismiss

The dreams which the crowd denies

Is that which in perpetuity is lost

And all that loss implies

Gene G. McLaughlin 2014


After you died

In my dreams

I only saw you

Diminished and fading

At the end

Now I see you




In the sun


Gene G. McLaughlin 2013