Sometimes You Drink Yourself Sober

Sometimes you drink yourself sober

Facing the morning sun

Sometimes you could not be surer

The whiskey definitely won

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

Boozing and Tweeting

Beer and tweeting on Sunday
Tossing ideas out at the stars
Should be productive in someway
But I love the sound and smell of bars

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

I’m Gonna Have a Drink

I’m gonna have a drink
Let it wash over me
The way
You ain’t
Supposed to drink
Or at least
When no one sees
I’m gonna do some wrong
Let the night take its course
The path
You’re not
Supposed to choose
Or at least not
When you got something left to lose
I’m gonna cause a ruckus
My fists will speak my words
The way you’re
Not advised
To fight
Or least not
Over drunken slights
Eventually I’ll come to regretting
What I myself have done
They way
You only can
Wearing yesterday’s clothes
Looking blearily at the rising sun
Gene G. McLaughlin 2013