I Went Looking For A Story

I went looking for a story

Amongst the oceans

Sands and dirt

Instead I found

A world so overwhelming

I barely see it still as Earth

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

The State of Things

Stone keeps sitting silent

Sun shines hard and clear

Earth moves as matters make it

Sometimes slow, then violent

Sometimes there, then here

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

I Was Here For a Time

I was here for a time

The worlds rages repeated

On this earth for a time

All our dark themes repeated

In quiet moments of grace

These hard truths receded

I was left with that

Which glows in my mind

The passions I have felt

The ties that bind

The love that turns the third eye

To seeing from blind

The war and stuggle can rage around me

The tolls and losses can mount

I will hold the suffering I see

Equally with joys my mind can count

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015