The State of Things

Stone keeps sitting silent

Sun shines hard and clear

Earth moves as matters make it

Sometimes slow, then violent

Sometimes there, then here

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016


The world tries to hollow me out

I respect the world’s prerogative

Its capacity for the positive endless

Its pursuit of the negative flawless

It’s ceaseless attempts to consume

The I, the who, the whom

Tracking ruthlessly on my scent

Form of

Food, taxes, utility bills and rent

On the worst of days

I drift away

Most days I just sway

Starting to protest, to say . . .

but I know the snake knows anyway

The devouring serpent

Is aware of

It’s destiny


And oil

And meat

Becoming that


Beneath our feet

Today though

I am half swallowed

Head turned toward the sun

The snake and I as one

I do not face the snake

Making the bastard wait

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

I Was Here For a Time

I was here for a time

The worlds rages repeated

On this earth for a time

All our dark themes repeated

In quiet moments of grace

These hard truths receded

I was left with that

Which glows in my mind

The passions I have felt

The ties that bind

The love that turns the third eye

To seeing from blind

The war and stuggle can rage around me

The tolls and losses can mount

I will hold the suffering I see

Equally with joys my mind can count

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

The Sound of the Engine

It all gets ahead of you

It all gets away from you

All of it happens so fast

It’s not like the eternity

Once pondered and pictured

When you were as high

As your old man’s knee

It’s more of an avalanche

More of a storm

More like a dog’s leash

Taut with a Doberman

Raging and barking

Hurtling forward

Chasing a rabbit

That you cannot see

Momentum pushes you forward

Despite your best efforts

You can set your mind still

Through the passing of moments

Yet you still feel the engines

Churning below you

Which can’t stop for anything

That pay head to nothing

No matter your wishes

Despite this soliloquy

I’ve slowed naught and nothing

The train slows for no one

No stops ‘til the end of the line

So I’ll fill up my world

With the tools to learn

That the sound of the engine

Can be kind of calming

Maybe even relaxing

Even if it cares nothing for me

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

All Of It, All At Once

All of it

All at once



I’m greedy

Forgive me

My hunger

My lust

My thirst


All of it





Gene G. McLaughlin 2014

I Want To Be Forgotten

I want to be forgotten

By the suns ever expanding flames

What we’ve wrought torn asunder

All the shames and blames

Existence starting over

Devoid of stifling names

Categorization viewed anew

Analogies linking similars and sames

Nothing is repeated

The systems begin once more

Before wonder is defeated

And things aren’t nameless anymore

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013