Straight Up v2

I could tell you it was about love

But it was straight up about the need

I could say I drove too fast due to lateness

But it was straight up about the speed

I could tell you I was into Phish or the Dead

But it was straight about the weed

I could tell you I work for the love of it

But it is straight up about the greed

I could tell you a whole lot of shit

But telling is not my creed

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

All Of It, All At Once

All of it

All at once



I’m greedy

Forgive me

My hunger

My lust

My thirst


All of it





Gene G. McLaughlin 2014


Each human

Is a decaying civilization

Forgetting things they once knew

Knowledge displaced, replaced

Or misplaced

Lessons once held tight

Considered learned

Now faded

Absorbed into the organic ruins


The civilizations

Grandest city

In crumbles

Moss covered

Flickering in the air

Much like dust

There is a once great plaza

That is now only visited

By pigeons and those who haven’t


The once shining marble

Fountains of fresh water

And vibrant bustle


With little to hold back

The ravages of




And whatever else

It is best to enjoy the sun

Birds singing

Smells of the season

Cherishing the brightest memories

Past summers have provided

Greed never

Served your cities well

It is endless

And in the end

Does not complete the circle

Mindfulness and presence

Were always your cultures

Finest elements

Those that could persevere

Until something is built

On the newly discovered ruins

Gene McLaughlin 2014

Wickedness Born of Scarcity

Wickedness born of scarcity

Scarcity born of need

All entwined in a circle

Wickedness meeting with greed

Love born of sacrifice

Needs of others more than self

Hand extends to a stranger

Holding charity and nothing else

Empathy is the light that is endless

No scarcity in its domain

The light shines brightly forever

Opposition of apathy and pain 

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013