Internet Hype Train

Internet hype train

Runs all night

Ignore any pain

Next new thing will get you right

Yelp it at 5 stars

So so good

Cell service is five bars

Instagram posts fast knock on wood!

Don’t stop to think

Engine don’t run on calm

Craft cocktails to drink

Handmade booze balm

Walk past the bathroom mirror

Glance, but don’t slow down

Hey did you hear her?

Next door is the hot place in town

Latest and greatest!

Wait what was that?

Latest and greatest!

Where you at?

Be there next

Leaving here quick

Got to stay in motion

Or I feel a little sick

Wake up tomorrow

Do it again

Don’t feel the sorrow

Ignore the shackles and chain

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

State of the Internet 2014

Selfies flowing constantly

Into the internet stream

People reacting violently

To opinions they have seen

Upworthy nudging inspiringly

With carefully crafted memes

Cat pics generate spontaneously

That fill all the space in between

Set your phone down quietly

Before you want to scream

Gene G. McLaughlin 2014

Choose To Recluse

I’m tired

Of entertainments

I’m fatigued

By breaking news

I’m fragile

From pronouncements

Of what

I stand to loose

I choose

To recluse

Gene G. McLaughlin 2014