The Other Guy’s Version of Empathy

The subject was pain

Not related to you

Only what me

And mine

Have been through

Empathy is

My needs met

With little

Or no

To do

From you

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

When I Was A Ghost

When I was a ghost

Songs sounded like sorrow

The aural recognition

Of time fading away


When love shaped my form

I knew the song was melody

The joyous exclamation

That then is always now

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

The Subtext

I wish I could show you what

I see


It lacks impact

Without context


As a hint

Love and light

Are the subtext

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

The Terroir of a Thought

When I am struck
By a feeling or emotion
That is not consistent
With what it once was
I recall
The terroir of a thought
Includes time
An instigator of change

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

Red Raw Orlando Sun

Red raw Orlando sun

Lays our failures plain

Kneeling all as one

Souls burdened with pain

Filtering words of sense

From the anger soaked insane

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016


Time is not a zero sum transaction


You exist young and undiminshed

Everything echoes

All at once

All the time

I choose to hear your laughter

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016


You like sand

Not like stone

Self like blood

Not like bone

Wind moves water

Wind wakes waves

I am the foam

Crashing upon

Cold crags

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

The Exits of the Ikea

The exits of the Ikea

Have been theorized but never found

In its halls

The moans of the forsaken

Make such a mournful sound

Yet when I see

Lingoberry preserves

I find joy is all around
Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

I Went Looking For A Story

I went looking for a story

Amongst the oceans

Sands and dirt

Instead I found

A world so overwhelming

I barely see it still as Earth

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

The Beat Knows My Name

The beat knows my name
Earbuds almost shake loose
Tonite the street knows
I ain’t going to stay the same
Going slip my neck outta this noose

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016