Highways and Byways

Domain of the tollgate not password

Modern struggle now internalized

Pistons and smoke were once preferred

Terrains of the world once externalized

Progress now deterred?

Not as things once existed

Design of things have altered

Highways of data and gas twisted

Course to destruction faltered?

Why has this foreboding persisted?

Gene G. McLaughlin 2004

White Flag – Jasper Johns

you are tired

the blood has run through you

the blood has run out of you

the blood has dried on you

red is no longer your visage instead

it is the white of fade and loss

not promise which you once represented

not hope which you once inspired

not purity of symbolic idea

but violence and dreams of power

you have changed of your own volition

transformed via your own power

your color patterns your own now

in protest and in desire to end it

having seen far too much, far too many shores

born of an idea

witness to what was forged

only you can measure the full cost of the years

so you act in what way you can

rebellion resurrection recreation renewal

Gene McLaughlin 2004