No One May Read The Words

No one may read the words

The audience may be silent

Or may not exist

Write it still

Howl at the moon

In the dead of the night

Quiet in the forest

The wolf does not care

It is not heard

By all

The howl is for its pack

To acknowledge the lit night

And the glory of being cold

Hungry and alive

The hunt is for the sake

Of the hunt itself

The words are for the sake

Of the words themselves

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

I Will Shatter Shackles

I will shatter shackles

Even as I strengthen bonds

We are not one thing only

We are our limits

We are our boundaries

We are that which is not on display

And cannot not be mouthed into words

You will fail

You have failed

You shall be carried

You shall buoy those around you

By your considerable weight

Burden is not weakness

Articulation is not communication

That which we do not understand

Still exists in full

That which we cannot overcome

Is not the last of us

Or the end

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013