We Never Think It is Us

We never think it is us

Who will struggle to rise


Our shared sin

Those of us who know

Extend our hands

To the fallen

As if

They were


Gene G. McLaughlin 2013


Engage and Exist

Some know what it is like

To let go and fade away

Sometimes for months

Sometimes for years

It is quiet in the dark

Beyond all expectations

Beyond any criticisms

Where hope is absent

And has been surrendered

On occasion

There is an emergence

An awakening

A shudder

A thought

Where did that time go?

Is it too late?

It doesn’t matter at that moment

Where you find yourself

The clock has started again

The sky is clear above

All you can do is move

With purpose without expectation

There was no shattering

No pieces to put together

It was just a slow fade


Engage and exist

It will sometimes be hard

It will sometimes not be worthwhile

It will hurt

It will be better

Than alone in the dark

The world was not made greater

By your absence

It might be

By your return

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

Put It To Paper

It happened

And haunts

Put it to paper

One word

Then another

The raw churn

Ever moving

Becomes abstract

And still

On the page


When it is released

It is shared

Among us

And what was

Once yours alone

To carry

Is divided

Between many

We shall lock arms

And walk from the place


That you could not leave


Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

I Got Nothing To Say

Sometimes the words come easy

The thoughts run free

But the rain is falling cold

The sky is mean and dark

There are sad times to the north

And I got nothing to say

Sometimes the glass is shattered

The precious is no more

But the air will grow dry with comfort

The sky will be clear and bright

The healing will be slow

And I’ll have something to say

Gene G. McLaughlin 2012