Tell me a story

Of the things you want

Tell me your tales

Of the places you haunt

Show me your heart

What your see in the mirror

What tears you apart?

What god says when you hear her?

It is all just instances

Guiding us toward the now

All just hearts and souls learning

The intimacies of why and how

Tell me how I can reach you

And the secrets you know

Tell me how to approach

Where to hasten and slow

Tell me what a kiss means

And when I’d be brazen to touch

Tell what songs you sing alone

What memories are just too much

Do not hold back the burdens

Those that are too much to bear

Do no hide what you value

Or mask that for which you care

Be cautious and careful

For I would be to

But for those things I ask

Answers maybe be slow

Yet please make them true

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

When I Met Her

When I met her

I was five foot ten

The next day I felt taller

Yet lighter on my feet

The tape measure said I was still the same

The scale showed no difference

I told my doctor of this

He looked through his horn rimmed glasses

And said

This is a condition that happens

It is unpredictable

It is called a woman son

Gene G. McLaughlin 2012