The Bear Went Over The Mountain

The bear went over the mountain

To see what he could see

And all that he could see

Was the other side of the mountain

Was all that he could see

So the bear took a long slow moment

Atop that lonely mountain

He thought of all his wanderings

Where all his winters brought him

This mountain was a mountain where

Maybe his moments could have meaning

If the bear he so allowed

The next mountain might have something

That from the bear was hidden

A sacred secret knowledge

The bear would finally make his own

His paws dug in the dirt and dust

His fur felt the warmth and sun

His bones they came to realize

The mountain knew the same things

As the next did and the one before

There were mountains to be found

By stillness and not by climbing

By the staying and not the roaming

The bear went to the top of the mountain

The bear called the mountain home

The bear climbed to the top of the mountain

The bear became of where he sat

The bear became the mountain

Together they both grew

Into another mountain

For another bear to find

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015

This Life’s All a Wheel

Eyes on the prize

Hands on the wheel

Earn what I can

Rest of it I’ll steal

All comes around again

This life’s all a wheel

Gene G. McLaughlin 2014

Live Your Life In Light – A Secular Prayer

Live your life in light

The shadows should only

Be occupied of your own choosing

Live your life in love

The limits should only

Be applied of your own decisions

Live your life with imperfections

Their existence only

Acknowledged by your own determinations

You were sanctified by evolution

You were sanctified from the start

You were sanctified by no ones decision

You are sanctified in whole or in part

Live your life in light

Live your life in love

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

I Will Shatter Shackles

I will shatter shackles

Even as I strengthen bonds

We are not one thing only

We are our limits

We are our boundaries

We are that which is not on display

And cannot not be mouthed into words

You will fail

You have failed

You shall be carried

You shall buoy those around you

By your considerable weight

Burden is not weakness

Articulation is not communication

That which we do not understand

Still exists in full

That which we cannot overcome

Is not the last of us

Or the end

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013