I Want To Be Forgotten

I want to be forgotten

By the suns ever expanding flames

What we’ve wrought torn asunder

All the shames and blames

Existence starting over

Devoid of stifling names

Categorization viewed anew

Analogies linking similars and sames

Nothing is repeated

The systems begin once more

Before wonder is defeated

And things aren’t nameless anymore

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

From Hunger, From Shame

From hunger
From shame
Buckling under
The blame
Of the things
That speak to you

In subterfuge
In rage
Trapped in
The cage
Of the things
That make up you

True to the facts
To which the body reacts
Are desires
Fully intact
Of the things
That make up the core of you

Free yourself
Of their burdens and expectations
Seek for yourself
Love’s feelings and sensations

Genes G. McLaughlin 2013