The depth of my dreams are purple

There I am slumbers disciple

Shards of knowledge deeply burned

The color of imperial authority

Desired images innately yearned

Fragments fight for supremacy

The court of reality stands adjourned

When faced imagination’s temerity

Gene G. McLaughlin 2015


In the blue dark moments of the dream

Happiest with sense of self

Drifting and sifting through the images

By experience informed

To the limits conformed

Knowingly it comes to me

Fleetingly clear to see

Schism of empiricism

Truth beyond my simple science

So foolish to have asked for proof

Leaving my soul detached aloof

Mystery need not be questioned or embraced

Only know to exist across void of space

In the yellow light moments of the end

Joy fades replaced with

Weight all of it reposed

With hope in reality imposed

Gene G. McLaughlin 2004