Highways and Byways

Domain of the tollgate not password

Modern struggle now internalized

Pistons and smoke were once preferred

Terrains of the world once externalized

Progress now deterred?

Not as things once existed

Design of things have altered

Highways of data and gas twisted

Course to destruction faltered?

Why has this foreboding persisted?

Gene G. McLaughlin 2004


We as machines process the data

As allowed by divergent models and makes

Filtering out that which does not matter

Configure, compile what info survival takes

Are we users of the technology

Or maybe just accessories

Connected to the world via USB

Or some other methodology?

Trying to redefine our natures

Making choices based on fact

Maybe simply as moving fixtures

Only functioning as they react

There is no mind to free

If there is not cord to cut

There is no truth to see

If the numbers define us

Gene G. McLaughlin 2006