The Digital World Skinner Box

The digital world Skinner box

Tightly closely in

In moments of clarity we take stock

Of where we are, but have not been

The time Twitters away

Which causes true dialogues decay

There is little left to say

That doesn’t sound like cliché

Step up away from the digital

Step into the physical aspect of today

Gene G. McLaughlin 2014

We Of The Divided Mind

We of the divided mind

Whose digital selves

Diverge from our day to day

Where the blacksmith

Once became

The hammer and tongs

Where the painter

Once became

The ladders and brushes

Where the man

Once became

The actions of his day

We of the divided mind

Whose dual selves

Drift between two worlds

Transverse two identities

Evolving best we can

Seek the moment

Where we become

That thing

We do

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013