July 16 and 17 1999(Man is man no longer)

Time of death 6:47

Body is warm but eyes are empty

Medic closes them

It is 20 years ago

We are in the woods (woods not now)

Behind the mountain (mountain even now)

It is sunny but cold

There is a foundation of a house (house not even then)

There are rusty ancient tools (tools still in some form)

‘This is a time and place to recall’

Time and place recalled correctly clearly

Medics move quickly

Arrangements made long ago

Fires will burn hot clean permanent

There is a deer close to the foundation(deer probably not now)

Deer ponders green on forest floor(green still green each spring)

We are appraised as no danger

‘Some are moments to cherish’

Moment indeed moment is cherished

Medics leave dark of night seems darker

Phone rings condolences are given support offered

Declined but appreciated grief unmassaged by words or actions

Stream runs cold and strong(stream still stream now)

Next to the water bug is eaten by a green frog(bug not bug in a moment)

Frog hops away happy with achievement

‘All thing are connected’

Coffee in the morning mind distant and unclear

No tears shed but mind is tired

TV hums in background talks of plane crash in ocean

Young couples fate not known worst suspected

Heat of day approaches soon food crowds kitchen

Recently delivered made with care

Day passes quickly thoughts of varied topics

Distractions are fleeting but happen none the less

Objects flood memories good bad neither

Formalities will come soon after(Already man is man no longer)

For my father 1938-1999

Gene G. McLaughlin 2003

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