Orange County, NY 1981

Train rolls by every night

Right round 4 o’clock

River runs by every night

Water is swift and dark

Deer wander past the house

Corn fields are their goal

Dog sleeps silent behind the house

Guardian protector is his role

Clothes pins sway on the line

Wind whistles through the chimes

Train heads further down line

Trying to make up time

Grey cat prowls fields for mice

Mice almost die of fright

Grey cat finds a nest of mice

No option for fight just flight

Old man coughing on the porch

His longs filled with smoke of years

Zippo flames up like a torch

Its been to late to quit for years

Dawn is slowing creeping in

Cars sounds start up on the road

Old man thinks what a damn shame

Children sleeping sound and tight

Missing morning is always a sin

Gene G. McLaughlin 2003

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