She’s got a coexist bumper sticker
On her hybrid car
She’s had seen Widespread shows
Where things went way too far
She don’t believe in Jesus
But acts like she does
Because a ministers daughter
Is still what she was
In her younger years
She had some trouble with blow
It’s the nights that get late to fast
It’s the people you know
She does lots of yoga
To smooth out the nerves
It usually works
Least it maintains her posture and curves
She’s got a daughter she loves
And ex that she don’t
She tells her parents she’ll marry again
But she knows that she won’t
She’s got good intentions
In actions and deeds
A job and a small ranch house
Most of what she needs
She’s got a boyfriend
On alternating weekends
He spent time in the desert
He’s quiet and still seeking
An answer to what happened
Or at least a good night sleep
He doesn’t complain much
She don’t dig to deep
They watch a movie
Or make shrimp and grits
Sometimes they hold hands
Watching the cats clean for ticks
The mountains are quiet
They have few opinions
In the hills behind her
There grows mint and wild onions
Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

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