Her arms are bound, but she will not be kept here against her will. She did not come west all those years ago to die in some God forsaken cabin raped and killed by some monster in the woods. The winters were too hard and days too long for that. She looks at the shotgun and tries to decide how to have it mounted when he comes back in the door. She will shoot backwards looking in the lone mirror in the cabin if she has to. She will have one shot and damn it she will make it count. Her husband and son will not come back from Cheyenne and find her missing and not know what happened. She will live.

2 thoughts on “Ogallala

  1. I have never heard of flash fiction before. Do you intend on finishing this story, or is the whole point just to let it light up our minds then burn itself out? I would love to know what happens when she gets the chance to pull that trigger. JEF

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  2. In many cases Flash Fiction is just a brief short piece of story. It may or may not lead to something more. ‘Light up our minds then burn itself out’ is a good description. I tends to be up to a 1,000 words or so at max.


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