A Positive Attitude

The train passes a massive amount of blue lights lining both sides of South Boulevard.  I stare out at the cop cars as a large group of people are lined up outside an apartment complex with their hands in the air.  They fade in the distance as the train speeds on.  I look down at my phone.  The train slows up and stops at the Archdale station.  People exit and board.  As the train begins to move I look out the window again.  There is someone looking into my eyes.  It is a man running next to the train with a colorful soccer jersey on.  His face is heavily tattooed.  He looks at me with a slight smile as he keeps pace with the train.  After a bit he can no longer keep up.  He winks at me, makes a big smile and gives me a thumbs up. I look back and see two policeman running after him in pursuit.

“You know that guy?” a young woman asks who is sitting facing me on the train.

“No, don’t know him,” I reply.

“Well I sure like his positive attitude,” she says nodding seriously.  “World needs more positivity.”

Gene G. McLaughlin 2016

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