Day of the Dead Tribute Highlights

5 of the highlights for me on the epic 59 track ‪#‎DayoftheDead‬ tribute album:

1. Terrapin Station (Suite) – a great modern progressive version of the song with a cast of characters from Grizzly Bear, The National, and So Percussion
2.Garcia Counterpoint- not a Dead song, but a great piece in the spirit of Jerry and Steve Reich. Lovely Bryce Dressner
3.Franklin’s Tower- Orchestra Baobab does a joyous take a one of my favorites.
4.Truckin’ – Marijuana Deathsquads sound like they have done extensive research on their subject material.
5.Box of Rain – Kurt Vile/J Mascis do a version as sad and pretty as it needs to be.

Many many more also.

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