The Monkey Sees God in Bananas

The monkey sees God in bananas

The tiger sees the divine in his claws

The crow sees God in the worms of the morning

As he cackles, preens, and craws

Man sees God in the unseen

The preacher sees the divine in his words

The zealot sees it in the crowds that gather before him

As he guides them like an unthinking herd

Let your eyes be your faith and your heart

Let your ears hear the sounds of the divine

Let your own steps guide you to your version of God

As I shall let my feet lead me to mine

Gene G. McLaughlin 2020


3 thoughts on “The Monkey Sees God in Bananas

  1. (not being so well versed on poetry), I got totally hooked in by the title. (Plus your stopping by Hobbomock). While it’s a given that a strong title is better than a pale one, there is something special about an intriguing one. Yours, here, very much the lattest.
    What is it about the breadcrumbs towards enlightenment, their propensity for a hint of humor? Maybe absurdity, (in the best sense of the word), is a core particle in most precursors to the secret of the universe.
    Similar to ‘The Monkey sees….’ is (at least in my head) a quote attributed to Douglas Adams, ‘The secret of learning to fly is to throw yourself at the ground…and miss.’

    PS I enjoyed the rest of the pome… a large part of this, for me, is when the writer has built in a rhythm, a secret cadence so the Reader is not only reading the words, but, almost, hearing them.


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