Charleston Dancer

You were always so elegant

Moving in ways

That I could barely comprehend

That I could never hope to replicate

Always seeming to understand what movement

Meant what to who

I never knew the code

Knowing of the structures

Society and the latest dances

For my feet would never learn the steps

You made bowling seem like ballet

Conversation a form of art

You made banter seem like diplomacy

An actor always knows their part

The world you knew is gone now

Echoes now only remain

The song slowed ended

With the last fading refrain.

Mills Brothers no longer on the radio

A time I never knew

Murrow no longer on the radio

The war is finally through

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013

This Is Not My Pop Song

This is not my pop song

Playing on the radio

My pop song is still playing

On the air waves of long ago


I can’t hear the melody

And the harmony sounds bad

Well I think whoever bought this single

Well I think that they’ve been had


Well how the hell they dancing and singing

Without losing all their damn breath

I bet they’re damn lip synching

How else they avoiding cardiac death


I try to switch the radio dial

But all the stations are the same

I will just sit here quiet a while

And think who I should blame


This is not my pop song

Maybe it belongs to you

The song structure is all wrong

The rhythm sounds bad too


Maybe I have just lost touch

And start to get a bit old

But this song sucks way too much

If the truth really be told


Well instead of sitting here feeling sad

Looking for some new tunes to hum

I am going to just be really glad

I got a box of old LP’s if I need some

Gene G. McLaughlin 2003

The Quiet Life

I am greedy for the quiet life

For the longing to forever end

Accumulation and achievement leading to

An empty series of dusty rooms

I have already visited

Finding them wanting

Let’s waltz my love

On the porch

While the sun goes down

As the azaleas bloom

And spring comes again

The most important things earned

Are learned by the failures of success

And the victory of the speckled dusty air

Dancing at twilight

Gene G. McLaughlin 2013