This Is Not My Pop Song

This is not my pop song

Playing on the radio

My pop song is still playing

On the air waves of long ago


I can’t hear the melody

And the harmony sounds bad

Well I think whoever bought this single

Well I think that they’ve been had


Well how the hell they dancing and singing

Without losing all their damn breath

I bet they’re damn lip synching

How else they avoiding cardiac death


I try to switch the radio dial

But all the stations are the same

I will just sit here quiet a while

And think who I should blame


This is not my pop song

Maybe it belongs to you

The song structure is all wrong

The rhythm sounds bad too


Maybe I have just lost touch

And start to get a bit old

But this song sucks way too much

If the truth really be told


Well instead of sitting here feeling sad

Looking for some new tunes to hum

I am going to just be really glad

I got a box of old LP’s if I need some

Gene G. McLaughlin 2003

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