Blue Light Romance

‘Know this’ she said

‘I shall be with you’

Or so I recall

As the blue light

Special blinks

Reaching the case

I quickly put the item

In my pocket

A secret treat only

K-Mart can provide

Walking slowly toward

The front doors

All are watching

Knowing of my sin

Feeling their judgment

And eyes upon me

Perhaps none are watching

None judging

My criminal act of

Rebellion and romance

Going unrecognized

I cross through the doors

No alarms ring and nothing

Notes my passing into

The dingy grey parking lot

I stroll across the lot

Feeling triumphant in

My small success and

Heading across the railroad

Tracks and past the half

Burnt out sign of the

Burger King buzzing like

A sad dying bug

Drunk sitting on the bench

At the train stop knows nothing

Of what has transpired

And I pass him quickly

This is one of my finest moments

I think of what it will change

Walking through the neighborhood

I feel different and walk with

More purpose and style.

Coming to her house I see her on

The porch sitting there and waiting

And I walk up and hand her

The bounty which she has desired

She takes it and looks at it and smiles

And says, ‘It is the wrong one’

Mortification my old companion

Returns quietly and crawls up my spine

Can I do it again I wonder?

And looking at her I know the answer

Gene G. McLaughlin 2005

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