This is Not a Blog Post

There was a book a number of years ago written by David Markson titled This Is Not A Novel. I loved it. There was no plot or characters or conflicts or resolutions, but it was extremely compelling. It was more about the strands of thought of the mind and the corridors it goes down and how what we read and see and hear reflect back on us as version of a story itself. Random facts, last words, lists of ingredients, baseball box scores. It might remind you of the much more famous Trout Fishing in America by Richard Brautigan, but with much shorter one or two line segments. This is Not a Novel was all ligaments and no muscles. Trout Fishing in America still had some muscles.

I’d like to reproduce some version of that idea on Facebook Live on this page and at It kind of goes like this-

1. I logon and peruse things like Wikipedia or YouTube and Spotify as I often do to go down rabbit holes of things that interest me and share it on Facebook Live. This is something I do anyway on a rainy night.

2.If you feel so inclined you can watch and comment and participate send me down other rabbit holes of things I don’t know about. Maybe I am checking out Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and you are the foremost expert on Bryan Adams and you can direct me to some fascinating Bryan Adams info or article. Maybe you want to point me in the direction of how good Morgan Freeman was in the movie Street Smart. Who knows? You can watch for 3 minutes and make a suggestion or an hour, doesn’t really matter. If no else joins the corridors of the rabbit hole will be dug by me alone I suppose. I’d rather people join though.

3.Whatever direction the rabbit holes goes in I post at via a a sequential series of interesting things reviewed from Wikipedia, YouTube videos, bandcamp songs, book excerpts, or whatever as ‘This is Not a Blog’ post for the day.

4.If it goes well I’d like to have people join and and be in charge of starting and picking the direction of the rabbit hole. A diversity of results for each ‘Not a Blog’ post would be nice.

This is an experiment as much as anything. Kind of a crowd sourced digital found objects pastiche or collage. It might end up mundane or maybe marvelous, who knows. If nothing else comes of it I will skill up my digital production ability.


If anyone who likes this page is interested please check out-

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